Unveiled Collection

Unveiled Collection is a fine art collection of prints and paintings by Chloe Sami.


This collection is rooted in the need for an unveiling of truth within oneself. A need for authenticity, softness and depth, when navigating through the inner landscape. We begin the journey within by walking straight into the inky depths of the self - and only when inside, we discover the dazzling gold of truth and our authentic self. 

We unveil our truth.


This collection is brought to life with themes found in the softness of nature; with layered foliage, and cocooning flora and fauna. The polarity of light and dark is always present; with indigo skies, and soft shadows, but flashes with radiant silvers and golds throughout the piece. And finally with a sense of reflection and patience, each painting gives the viewer an opportunity to feel safe to sit, to contemplate and have space. 

Prints and Bags Coming Soon...