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 Your first session is F R E E  

The Divine Circle Meditations


Do you feel the call?

Through The Divine Circle Meditations we will

finally relax.

The sessions are carefully designed to allow you to feel:


Deep tranquility and calm

An open heart and mind

Overwhelming love   

Let's start this beautiful journey together


The Divine Gallery

Divine Services and Offerings

The Divine Circle Meditations

I host a guided meditation group that meets every Sunday at 8pm London, GMT time, online.

You will be led through beautiful meditations, which help you to let go, connect deeply and fully relax.

The Divine Heart Readings

Do you have any questions that lie unanswered within your heart? I am here to help you,

one-to-one, to channel and help answer any deep soul questions you may have. 

The Divine Voice 

Immersive recitals, with voice and piano, held in an array of beautiful venues. The Divine music of classical composers is sung in a truly transcendent experience. 



"Chloe has a wonderful way with spirituality. She guides me to the centre of self love and self worth."

Nina B.

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