Live Wedding Painting Tips

Published on 13 May 2024 at 11:18

There are many things to consider when your looking for a Live Wedding Painting or a Live Event Painter in the UK. Hopefully some of these tips help you to make your choice of live painter!


TIP 1:

You are likely to be able to find a live wedding painter in most areas of the UK including, London, Hampshire, Surrey, Bath, Birmingham, Wales, Wolverhampton, Luton and many more. 

If you can't find a live wedding painter in your area, many live wedding painters are happy to travel too for an extra fee, so it's always worth asking. 


TIP 2:

Some live wedding and live event painters offer both large scale paintings on canvas and individual guest illustrations. Some only do one or the other. It's important to check which is true for your live wedding painter and not to assume.

Some live wedding painters can paint guest illustrations and also start a large scale painting at the wedding and some can only complete one of their live painting packages live at the wedding. So it's always a good idea to ask before making your choice.


TIP 3:

Check if your live wedding painter paints the whole piece on the day or finishes it later on in the studio, and to think about which option works best for you. If they finish it all on the day, keep in mind that it can't be as detailed as it would be if the live wedding painting was started at the wedding and then brought back to the studio and had more time spent on it.

Equally, If you only have a 4 hour window for your wedding day, It's unlikely that the wedding painter can paint an entire large scale painting in that time frame with all the detail you may be expecting. 


Hope some of these tips helped!


Chloe Sami is a live wedding painter based in Hampshire in the UK. She paints both large scale oil paintings on canvas and individual guest paintings live at weddings. To enquire about your wedding or event date, contact her here! 





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