Live Guest Illustration Inspiration

Published on 22 April 2024 at 14:56

You might have seen a few different styles of live guest painting illustrations, when perusing different live wedding painters. Here are some ideas that I have implemented in my live guest paintings over the years to give you some inspiration!

1 - Single guests or couples together. I paint both guests on their own and in pairs. This is completely down to preference of the guest and sometimes they'd prefer to have a friend in the painting with them! Which would you prefer?

2 - White background or a splash of colour. Sometimes a wash of colour can be what people prefer in the background, especially when I'm live painting at corporate events and I can incorporate the company's colours. Others people prefer a clean white background so the portraits will standout more. It's your choice!

3 - Names & Dates. Some couples have asked me to include their names and the date of their wedding on each guest illustration. This allows each guest to remember the special day of the couple, and which wedding they received the guest painting from. Other couples are happy for each live watercolour painting to be left blank and to have a more fine art and minimalist look. Which option will you choose?

4 - Fairy Wings! This magical element will bring an element of fun to your event. Each guest will be painted with their own unique fairy wings in whichever colour I feel matches them best! This is a unique way to bring your guests together and bring some sparkle to the event! 


Hi, I'm Chloe Sami, a live wedding and event painter based in the UK! If you are interested in having live guest paintings at your event or wedding, please go to my contact page here and get in touch today.

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