Why is Live Wedding Painting Perfect for South Asian Weddings?

Published on 5 July 2024 at 12:06

Here are 3 reasons why Live Wedding Painting is a perfect edition to a South Asian Wedding!


1) Having a Live Wedding Painter  gives your guests to interact with in-between ceremonies and sections of the wedding day. South Asian wedding days can often have different religious ceremonies and non religious parts to the day with lots of changeovers and transitions to the day. This often leads to guests waiting for extended periods of time with nothing to do. Having a Live Wedding Painter to paint the couple on the day gives the guests an amazing from of entertainment, where they can go up and see how the painting is coming together, chat to the live painter, and have something to look forward to and capture their attention while waiting. 


2) It's no secret that guests love to dress up at South Asian weddings! So having a Live Wedding Painter come and paint individual guest portraits is a very popular choice. Guests love watching the portrait come to life and have their special outfit immortalised in paint. The queue for live guest illustrations fills up very quickly and it's always a big hit at weddings!


3) Having a Live Wedding Painter paint and oil painting on canvas is a beautiful way to immortalise your special day. Each time you see your wedding masterpiece hanging in your home, you will be reminded of the joy, laughter and excitement of your wedding day! A Live Wedding Painting is an heirloom you can pass onto your children and future generations through the family, for years to come. 



To book Chloe for a Live Wedding Painting on your special day, go to her contact page HERE 


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