Guest Paintings at Kimbridge Barn, Hampshire

Published on 9 February 2024 at 16:31

Most people think of weddings when they think of live guest painting, but live event painting can be an amazing form of guest entertainment at a very of different events!

This live guest painting experience was for a very special birthday and was held at the beautiful Kimbridge barn in Hampshire, UK. 

The guests were so excited when they realised they could have their own individual paintings completed live on the day, and I soon had a queue of people.


Kimbridge Barn is a perfect wedding and events venue, and it was a such lovely environment to have a live event painter in. 


As I paint my live guest paintings in watercolour, they dry quickly and are ready for guests to take away in only 10-15 minutes. Some guests love to watch the painting process and watch as I paint at my easel, and others like for their painting to be a surprise!


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