What are Live Guest Paintings?

Published on 18 March 2024 at 14:52

You may have seen videos of artists painting people at weddings and events on Instagram and TikTok. Maybe you wondered what it was all about? 


Live guest paintings are quick paintings of your guests completed live on the day of your wedding or celebration event. The artist will either ask the guest to stand still so that they can paint them from life, or they will take a quick photograph to paint from so that the guest can continue to enjoy the party. The painting usually takes 10-15 minutes, depending on the artist and the level of detail. The guest will then return for their painting, and be able to take it home as a happy momento or favour to remember the event by.


Live artists can use an array of materials and mediums to complete the guest paintings with, but the most popular are watercolour, coloured pens, and pencil sketches. I use watercolour paint and ink pen to complete my live guest paintings, as I find it quick and easy to use and they dry in time for the guests to take their paintings home at the end of the night!


Live wedding painters are often in demand for guest paintings as they make amazing wedding favours. They are also a unique and exciting form of live entertainment, as guests are excited to see themselves painted live on the day and enjoy watching the artistic painting experience unfold.  Live guest paintings also work well during cocktail hours and lulls in the wedding itinerary, when the bride and groom are elsewhere and the guests have some time to mingle. 


At corporate or celebration events, live guest paintings prove to be very popular. They are perfect for catering to VIP clients or to make employees feel special. There is always a long line of guests wanting to be painted at every event I attend as a live painter, and people love seeing the gallery of paintings displayed afterwards to work out who is who!


If you would like to enquire about having live guest paintings at your wedding or event, please go to my contact page.

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