Silencing the Constant Chatter of Your Mind

We all have it.

That constant loop of chatter in your mind.

Whether it's chattering about what we need to be wary of, critiquing us, running through to-do lists or just providing a constant narrative, - it always seems to be present.

What if you could silence it though? To stop the ever present chatter and allow your mind to be quiet. Serene. Peaceful.

This is where the beauty of meditation comes in.

Now I really want to preface this with something I feel is incredibly important. There are many different types of meditation. And you may have tried one already and found that it didn't work for you. That is okay.

Meditation is not only about mindful breathing. It is not only about being completely present 24/7. It can be about those things. And if those techniques help you, then that is wonderful! But those techniques are not the only types of meditation.

When I first started meditating, I focussed heavily on the mindful breathing meditations. It did help me to feel more within my body, but it did not help to stop the inner chatter. If I'm honest, it probably increased it during the time I spent meditating.

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The type of meditation that really helped, and continues to help me, to quell my inner chatter is journeying meditation.

This is the type that I now teach during my Divine Circle Meditation sessions.

We do use the breath work at the beginning of the session to feel more centred and to be within our bodies, but the session moves on from there.

We move to realms and parts of our soul that are deeper than we realise. To dream landscapes and exquisite energy fields of the inner realm. There are messages for us here, that we are able to receive and accept. There is wisdom to collect here and deep soul guidance.

The inner chatter has long gone by this point.

You are giving your ego, your survival instinct, that provides all of that chatter, a break. You are not looking to your ego for guidance anymore, during this Divine Meditation.

You are looking to your soul.

The ego only chatters because we are looking to it for guidance. We are making ourselves open for what it has to say.

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I find that journeying meditation helps me to look to my soul to provide the wisdom I need, not my ego.

The soul's wisdom is slow, steady, considered and beautifully truthful. A vast contrast to the negative, rushed and stressful 'guidance' of the ego.

We need our ego to help us in moments of survival, but we do not need to be in survival mode 24/7. It is far healthier for our us to be in conversation with our soul and spirit.

Your inner chatter will not quieten immediately though. Meditation is a a practice.

And if you have relied on listening to the inner chatter of your ego for many years, it will take some time to undo the habit. If we practise meditation enough, our minds will start to shift towards a new mindset, without the ego, as that will be the new normal.

Happy Meditating!

Chloe x

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