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Updated: Jul 28, 2020

There has never been a time in my life when I haven't been manifesting. I say that with complete honesty.

I was manifesting as a child before I knew what the word manifesting even was.

So let me explain. I have always had a direct line to Source, The Great Spirit, The Universe, Angels, God - whichever name you wish to use. We all have this direct line. For some reason mine has always been loud and clear, at all times in my life. It is always present as a crystal clear voice in my heart. It tells me which direction I should go in my life and also answers any questions I have in a very direct way.

(I promise, I will write more about this in another blog at another time.)

As a child I remember having a conversation with Source in my heart. I was told that I could ask for anything I wanted. As long I asked for it with good intentions and love, it would be given to me. So it sounds funny now, but I remember putting it to use in a raffle competition for Easter Eggs. I had my eye on this big white chocolate Easter egg. I really wanted that egg. So I checked in with my heart and realised that I could ask for it. I 'put in a cosmic order' for the egg and asked if I could have it, but only as long as it wasn't meant for another child who needed it more than me.

My number was called, I got the egg.

Since then I have obviously manifested so much in my life. I manifested my partner, all of my flats and houses, parking spaces, opportunities, you name it.

But you know, we can manifest MORE. Bigger things. Better opportunities. Your dream life.

Manifesting is directly linked with your inner confidence and feelings of self worth.

What you get is what you feel you deserve. And we all deserve A LOT. The best, in fact.

I can say that as an adult I have not manifested all I that I wanted.

And the reason is a sad one.

Deep down, I did not feel like I deserved it. I had imposter syndrome.

Put simply this could mean that I chose to only manifest just enough clients to just cover my bills and rent, instead of choosing to manifest enough clients to cover bills, rent, holidays, and luxuries.

Or that I only chose to manifest a seat on the train in my morning commute, instead of choosing to manifest a new career that lets me work from home.

Living with this mindset means that you play small with your manifestations because you don't believe you deserve your dreams or will receive the 'bigger' opportunities in life. You set boundaries and limitations on yourself.

Manifestation is just energy. £10 is energy. £100,000 is energy. The idea of owning a mansion is energy.

I came to realise that if you want to manifest money, your dream job or your dream house, you have to work on your feelings of worthiness first. Otherwise you will continuously block the energies you have asked to receive. You cannot receive them because subconsciously you do not believe you should receive them.

The bottom line is, you deserve so much. Everything you have ever dreamed of. Living your dream life is not reserved for 'the lucky few.' You just need to find out why you think there's a divide between you and them, and why you think they deserve to have your dream and why you don't.

Happy manifestation!

Chloe x

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