How to Find Love!

What would we all like more of, if it really came down to it?

Most people would probably agree: More Love.

Some want to find their soulmate, others would like more loving exchanges with their partner and families.

Love in the form of loving gestures from others, loving touches, loving words spoken about you, loving acts done for you.

But how can you find that love? How can you get people to do more loving things for you, to be more loving towards you? How can you receive more love?

If we distill the world into its two main states it is simply Love and Fear.

As Marianne Williamson explains, in her book A Return To Love, anything that is done from a place of fear, which can manifest itself as anger, pain, resentment, negativity, toxicity, is done out of an absence of love.

So to put it plainly, to receive more love, you must be open to love. You must be in a place of love within you, not a place of fear.

Everything we do in life is an energy exchange. Nothing is ever a stand-alone occurrence. You give and receive constantly, in a fluid and ever changing energyscape. It is a beautiful fact of life, which connects us all.

If you wish to find love, to receive love, you must reflect and ask yourself the questions:

  • Am I energetically open to love?

  • Am I giving love freely in my energetic exchange with others?

  • Am I open to receiving love from others and myself?

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In this small example of an everyday scenario, we can play out this energy exchange:

A woman sees a flowerstall on her way home from a busy day at work. She wants to buy some flowers to brighten up, what has otherwise been, a very stressful day.

She chooses some flowers and moves over to give her money to the flower seller, who ignores her with their back to her. The woman waits for a while and the flower seller continues to ignore her. The woman loudly clears her throat, to attract their attention. The flower seller turns around, visibly annoyed, and states the price of the flowers, with no hint of a smile. The woman pays brusquely and walks away, tutting under her breath at the audacity of the flower seller. She was trying to buy these flowers to brighten her day and they have only gone and made her day worse! People can be so rude!

In this scenario we can definitely see where we have been both the woman and the flower seller in our lives.

The woman was already feeling low, due to her bad day at work. She expected that the flowers, and therefore the flower seller, would make her feel better. So in the base states of Love and Fear, the woman was feeling Fear but expected Love. Unfortunately, the woman did not offer love in the exchange and due to her fear-based responses of clearing her throat in a rude way to get attention and brusquely paying, the flower seller did not respond back to her in a loving way either.

If you want to receive love you have to lead with love.

Imagine if the woman had smiled at the seller, despite her bad day. If she had stopped to reflect for a moment and realised that maybe the seller wasn't ignoring her, but actually that they didn't realise she was there, or that they were busy with something else before she had arrived.

We all have bad days, like the scenario above, but if you walk around in the majority of your everyday life with fear in your heart, not giving love in the energetic connections you have with others, you can't expect love to come to you.

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In another example, fear can manifest itself as worry about a partner cheating on you. By leading with fear in all energetic exchanges you have now with potential partners, you will not find the love you want in a new partner. As we now know, we cannot lead with fear and expect love. I need to stress, you may not consciously feel this way. It may be a subconscious fear that comes out in your responses or interactions with another person, without you even realising it.

If you are serious about finding Love and receiving more Love, you need to reflect. Reflect on your deep thoughts, your feelings and your actions. It seems hard at the beginning, but I promise, it gets easier and easier. After all, as we've seen, Love brings more Love in the energy exchange. So the more Love you give, the more you will receive, and so the cycle will continue!

Chloe x

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