3 Ways to Use Your Divine Feminine Intuition

You may have heard of The Divine Feminine.

The Yin, in Yin and Yang.

It is the deep, slow, cyclical part of us. The part that wishes to be nourished, to listen intuitively, to lead with the heart. That is our Divine Feminine nature.

We all need balance within us. We cannot only use the masculine energy within us and ignore the feminine. We will begin to feel unbalanced and dissatisfied within ourselves and our lives.

Today we will be delving into one of the most important ways to connect to The Divine Feminine within you:

Listening to Your Divine Feminine Knowing

Your Feminine Wisdom will tell you which direction to go. It is that intuitive feeling which says 'No. This isn't right' when someone gives you a seemingly great opportunity. It also shows up as a gentle nudge that says 'You know what your dream job is. Take that first step,' even when logically it seems impossible.

Start trusting those nudges, those gentle pushes in the right direction. Even if they seem illogical. Or unsound. Or downright crazy. You are having those feelings for a reason. Trust in your Feminine wisdom.

Here are some ways that trusting in your Divine Feminine Wisdom can change your your world:

1. Using The Divine Feminine When Manifesting

I trust in my Divine Feminine knowing implicitly, because it always leads me to incredible outcomes.

As an example, when we were looking for our dream flat in London, we had a very strict budget. But I wanted to manifest a large Victorian flat, in a very specific area of the city, with a bath, and beautiful period features.

My partner said I would have to compromise somewhere because we weren't going to be able to find a flat like that for our money.

My Divine Feminine Knowing said otherwise.

It said to keep my heart open and the right place will come. After a month or two of horrible property viewings, I was wondering when this promised place was going to appear. But one day, after looking on the property sites, I saw a listing for a flat in exactly the street I wanted. The photos were blurry and small and it didn't look like anything special. It was the kind of post you would completely glaze over as a fake or dodgy listing. But my Feminine Knowing said to go and view it.

Well, surprise, surprise, it was everything I wanted and more. Stained glass windows, huge rooms, original period features, a bath, and even a beautiful balcony terrace! It was well within our budget too. We said yes, and the rest was history.

2.Using The Divine Feminine With Meditation

I often trust my Feminine Wisdom when meditating. I close my eyes, play my calming music, and drift away, allowing my Feminine Wisdom to guide me through whatever deep lessons I need to learn at that time. Colours and images will often swirl in my inner eye. I try my best not to control them, not to choose an outcome for them, or try to make them make sense.

Quite often I will be drawn into a deep space of symbology where, at the time, it may not make sense, but on reflection amazing truths and wisdom will be revealed.

For example, I have been going through an inner spiritual cleansing recently. It had felt very, deep, dark and oppressive, and I didn't know what was going on with me. I had also started to feel uncomfortable with my business but wasn't sure what was going wrong.

While meditating one day, I began to let my Feminine Wisdom take the lead and I was shown, in my mind's eye, an image of a bright Moonstone in the centre of my body. It radiated out light and made me feel soothed and calmed.

I thought that was strange, given that I don't really know anything about Moonstone. But later that day, I decided to look up what Moonstone means. I was blown away when I read that Moonstone is all about signifying new beginnings within the body and soul, and denotes new business.

This gave me the strength to start planning new business opportunities and start to expand and believe in myself, giving myself the new beginning and evolution my heart and soul was craving.

3.Using The Divine Feminine With Your Self Care Routine

Divine Feminine IS self care. It IS self love.

It is the unwinding of yourself back into your truest essence of being. The complete relaxation and rest that you need in order to recharge fully. Complete trust in The Mother, The Goddess. We allow her to soothe us, nurse us and nourish us.

With our self care routine, we do not need to give it a strict time frame, a strict timetable. If true nourishment of ourselves requires more than we are allowing, why are we not giving ourselves more? The Divine Feminine demands that we relax fully, that we replenish our empty cup fully.

It is not real self care if you are putting conditions on your self care.

You are not really caring for yourself.

You are just piling on more toxic expectations and wondering why you are not feeling cared for.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking any of the following?

'This bath should completely relax me, and if it doesn't then that's tough because that's all I have time for'.

'I made myself a hot chocolate and let myself watch my favourite programme, why do I still feel bad? There must be something wrong with me.'

'I'm so tired, but I'll only let myself go to bed if I do all the laundry first. I still need to be productive.'

Trusting in your Divine Feminine Wisdom means really listening to what your body wants.

Want to go to bed at 7pm because you're tired? That's fine. Go to bed and don't feel guilty. You need to replenish your empty cup.

If your bath isn't enough to relax you, don't worry. Lie in bed and read your book for as long as you want. Or just cuddle up in your duvet.

Use all of the expensive lotion you bought. Wear your good perfume. Buy some fancy pyjamas. Why not? You know you would end up spending that money on something else that didn't make you feel nearly as a loved and cared for as this...

I hope you enjoyed listening to these tips on how to implement your Divine Feminine Wisdom in your life. If you have any other ways that you enjoy using the Divine Feminine in your life, do let me know!

Lots of love,

Chloe xxx

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