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Your wedding day is a one-of-a-kind event. No one else has your exact sense of style and special touches that make your wedding perfect for you. When you choose me to paint live at your wedding, I am immortalising each luxurious part of your special day; from the venue, to the outfits, the guests, to the decor. 

This level of luxury and detail is what makes a Chloe Sami Live Wedding Painting an exciting choice. 


Many couples are looking elevate their wedding in a unique way and wish to create a memorable day for themselves and their guests. 


Chloe Sami Live Wedding Painting provides one-of-a-kind entertainment for you and your guests. Watch me paint your wedding brushstroke by brushstroke, and at the end of your special day, present you with a priceless heirloom for you to treasure always!

Hi, I'm Chloe!


I am a Live Wedding Painter, who paints one-of-a-kind watercolour paintings of the couple and their guests, live on their special day. 


I provide a luxurious and beautiful live painting experience for couples like you, for you and your guests on your wedding day!

I am so excited to create a stunning piece of artwork of your special day, to bring you joy for years to come!

"Chloe's artwork is so beautiful!

I would definitely recommend her to others. 

Everyone always comments on how amazing my painting is when they see it!"

Nina. B



wedding package one

Live Wedding Painting
(4 Hour Session)

This wedding package is ideal for smaller or shorter wedding events and lasts for up to 4 hours. You will receive a watercolour painting depicting a special scene of your choice from your special day. Your unique painting is completed on luxury quality Khadi Paper and will be pre mounted for you.

Your guests are invited to watch the painting process unfold over the 4 hour session, creating unforgettable talking points and an unique form of entertainment.

After the event is over, you will be presented with your painting for you to treasure long after your special day! 

This wedding package starts from £800

wedding package two

Live Bride, Groom & Guest Paintings (6 Hour + Session)

This package enables you to have a collection of individual paintings of you as a couple, and also individual A6 paintings of selected guests on luxury Khadi Paper. This is perfect for full length weddings and the session will start from 6 hours.

The individual paintings make beautiful wedding favours and are an incredible way to mark your wedding as an unforgettable event for everyone involved. 

Those being painted will not be required to stand and pose as photos will be taken for reference.

This is a wonderful way for your guests to enjoy your special day with you!

Starts from £1,200

wedding package three

Individual Guest Paintings
(4 Hour Session)

This package enables you to have a collection of individual A6 paintings of your guests on luxury Khadi Paper. This session lasts for 4 hours.

The individual paintings are an amazing form of entertainment for your guests, as they are invited to watch every brushstroke I make. An incredible way to mark your wedding as an unforgettable event for everyone involved! 

Those being painted will not be required to stand and pose as photos will be taken for reference.

A truly wonderful way to wow your guests!

Starts from £800



Q: What materials do you use for the painting and what is the size of the piece?

A: I use premium watercolour paints on luxury Khadi paper. The main wedding scene will be on A3 sized paper which will be pre-mounted for you, and the smaller guest paintings will be on A6 paper. Custom sizes are available on request.

Q: Can I request who is in my painting?

A: Yes! During our 1:1 call, we will discuss which part of your wedding you would like to be painted and who you would like in it. 


Q: How long does the painting take?

A: I usually take around 4 hours to create a large finished painting. Small guest illustrations are around 20 minutes each.

Q: What will you need from the venue?

A: I will only need a space to set up my easel, access to a clear view of the scene I am painting, a chair to sit on, and a sink to get water for my paints.

Q: When will I receive my painting?

A: You will receive your painting at the end of your event. If more time is needed to add in important details, the painting will be finished in my studio and sent to you after the event.

Q: How are travel fees charged?

A: Travel is charged at 45p a mile. If an overnight stay is necessary, the fee is £100.


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